Have your concrete Foundation suffered with Cracks? Don’t panic at them….

As you all know that your foundation supports your entire house, so you have to make sure it is sound. So this issue not only do cracks in your foundation look bad, but they can also lead to the eventual loss of structural integrity, which can mean high-cost repairs. Although your foundation is too strong foundations but it tends to crack over time. Firstly your home walls are suffered with minor hairline cracks, at that they are usually no cause for alarm. But if there are major cracks then it can be a red flag for the home’s structural integrity. There are two types of cracks in home- Vertical time foundation cracks can be indicative of poorly-prepared foundation footing while horizontal foundation cracks may be caused by vehicle traffic or earth loading. A crack does not generally indicate a major structural problem and in most cases, requires only cosmetic attention. And fortunately, there are a number of basic remedies you can adopt.


A crack in your foundation does not have to create a structural problem to be trouble. You may see only minor cracks in your basement floor, but hairline cracks widen over time, allowing more moisture in and potentially damaging your foundation. Our experts will inspect your foundation inside and Underpinning Steel Pipe Press Fit Technique the cause of the crack. Cracks are either the result of natural aging or structural damage. Obviously, at this situation as it points to a simple repair need, but don’t be dismayed by the possibility of the second. Structural damage comes in many different forms.


Causes of Ceiling Cracks in your Home:-

  • When your space above the ceiling is bearing too much weight. For example, washrooms on upper levels need very definite ceiling supports to carry the heavy weight of fixtures. If shortcuts were taken during construction, this could ultimately lead to cracking. 
  • The most common causes are heavy moisture damage from above the ceiling. It depends on which floor of your home you’re talking about, this could mean moisture has seeped into the floor above the ceiling. If there is excess moisture present in your concrete then setting you have increased chances for foundation problems. If there are so many changes in temperature in your area then this combination of moisture and drastic changes can lead to cracks. 
  • If you have improper drainage or inadequate gutter systems then all of these things can cause a foundation problem. If there is excess moisture present when the concrete is setting you have increased chances for foundation problems.

Repair your concrete foundation of your home:-

If you want to repair foundation cracks which are not traced to structural problems, site problems, or other conditions which require structural repairs may be attempted for cracked foundations and other cracked concrete structural elements using a variety of products and materials such as masonry repair epoxy or sealant products. Before any repairs in your home that occur on Crown Underpinning Melbourne our foundation contractors with local foundation repair companies will make a thorough inspection across a property. They’ll visit both in the interior and exterior of the structure, which gives the professionals a complete view of the issues at hand.